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Our Products

Gompf Displays has one of the largest flag selections available locally, and we ship flags all over the world. Gompf Displays offers many different flag sizes as well, from desktop size to large outdoor flags. We offer the following types of flags:
  • USA
  • State
  • Military
  • International
  • Church
  • Custom
Flag Poles
What's the best way to display a flag? A flagpole of course. Gompf Displays offer many types and sizes of flagpoles, with a wide range of price options, giving you the option to display your flag in any way that you prefer. Some of the types of flagpoles that we offer are:
  • Home/Business
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Steel
Flag and Flagpole Components
You might be surprised at all the accessories and components that are available for your flag or flagpole. Gompf Displays also offers the pieces you may need to repair a flag or a flagpole. We offer many parts and accessories,please stop in to check them out.

Parade Float Materials
A well built and attractive float is going to require the right materials! We offer the many materials that you will need when you are constructing a float. Your float will look it's very best when you turn to Gompf Displays for your materials and advice. Some of the materials we offer are:
  • Fringe
  • Festooning
  • Floral Sheeting
  • Lettering
Costume Accessories
Our large selection of costume accessories work well on their own or they also go hand in hand with our large selection of costumes rentals. With this combination, you will be able to come up with the most convincing costume that you are capable of. We offer a wide range of costume accessory related products, such as:
  • Wigs
  • Beards
  • Moustaches
  • Make-up
  • Face Paint
  • Colored Hair Spray
  • Props
Gompf Displays offer a large selection of masks, year round. Our masks go well with the various costume accessories and costume rentals that we offer, and at the same time, our masks stand well on their own. If you need to find a unique mask, Gompf Displays should be your first stop!

Magic Props
A magician just isn't a magician without the proper magic props! Gompf Displays can order in just about any type of magic prop that you might need. Your audience will not question your integrity as a magician when you are using convincing and appropriate props while performing your magic.

Party Decor
If you are putting on a party, and you need decor, then Gompf Displays should be the only name that comes to your mind. Gompf Displays offer a very large selection of party decor, and we also have lots of themes available, making your decor selection much easier. We have an excellent party decor selection for the following:
  • Holidays
  • Theme Parties
Gag Gifts
Gompf Displays carries all types of gag gifts for all types of occasions. You will be able to get just the reaction that you are looking for when you are able to choose from a large selection and range of gag gifts. Some of the types of gag gifts that are available are:
  • For Over 18
  • Over the Hill
  • Practical Jokes
Balloons are a staple in many types of celebrations, parties and get togethers. Gompf Displays offers a very large selection of balloons. We have many different shapes, sizes and colors, as well as animal balloons and accesories for tying.